Welcome to iODA, where your every transaction count and is rewarded.

The iODA protocol focuses on rewarding users who conduct transactions involving the token on-chain. This means that every time you send iODA to another wallet, you get rewarded.


Transactions ensure the projects activeness within the space and ensures to some degree a good amount of usage, iODA believes people who help conduct these transactions should get rewarded just like mining to keep BTC or any other blockchain network running. Frequent transactions will also help ensure potential partnerships, investments and growth in development thereby ensuring a positive look on the price of iODA.


iODA plans to venture into any sector within the space that will ensure community growth and project development. Sectors we’re looking at include but not limited to: NFT’s, Decentralized Loan/Lending, Decentralized Wallet System, a Tipping System (TPS), a product that should facilitate our partnerships with other projects.

Sample Calculation for potential amount of Trx per day.
1st TGE
Wallet to Wallet (p2p)

43,950,000 (initial Cir. Supply) x 10 (Potential Number of TRX) = 439,5000,000 (Potential amount of TRX in tokens)

439,5000,000 x 0.001 = $439,500 (Potential amount of daily volume in $$)

Wallet to Wallet via Swap

43,950,000 x 20 =879,000,000 (Potential amount of TRX in tokens)

879,000,000 x 0.001 = $879,000 (Potential amount of daily volume in $$)

Sample Calculation when All Allocation for Sales is released
Wallet to Wallet (p2p)

243,000,000 (Sales allocation) x 10 (Potential Number of TRX) = 2,430,000,000 (Potential amount of TRX in tokens)

2,430,000,000 x 0.001 = $2,430,000 (Potential amount of daily volume in $$)

Wallet to Wallet via Swaps

243,000,000 x 20 =4,860,000,000 (Potential amount of TRX in tokens)

4,860,000,000 x 0.001 = $4,860,000 (Potential amount of daily volume in $$)

Note: Price used here is the launched price, it could go higher or decrease in the market. Number of transactions used here is an average go of what we believe SLX transactions could amount to.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Foundation: 5% (6 months lock, 25% unlock each month for 4 months)

Ecosystem: 60%

Private: 16.8% (15% released at TGE, 28.3% released the next 2wks, 28.3% released after 2wks, 28.4% released at the final TGE after 2wks)

Public: 7.5% (25% released at TGE, 25% released for extra 3 weeks)

Marketing and LP incentives: 8.7%

Airdrop: 2%


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